Oxo-Biodegradable 14A Mushroom Grow Bags 5–7 LB .5 Micron 


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Perfect for 5-7 LB supplemented sawdust blocks.

This bag contains an additive that allows it to degrade by breaking down its chemical structure. Oxidation through heat or ultraviolet light leads to this degradation, rather than bacteria and fungi that also decompose materials. Thus, this bag is ‘oxo-biodegradeable.’  We tested degradation rates using standard protocols in a lab setting.  The actual degradation rates you see will vary due to the conditions surrounding the bags as they degrade. We cannot guarantee or specify a timeframe for complete degradation of this bag.

Made In USA 

 8″X5″X19″ 2.2mil PP, “A” filter 0.5 Micron.

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