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Myers Mushrooms is focused on spreading the skills and knowledge of commercial mushroom growing. My goal is to help you start producing gourmet mushrooms for profit!

About Me


I'm currently serving in the military as a vehicle mechanic in the USAF but love mushroom cultivation! I started cultivating in El Paso TX in 2015 and grew my El Paso operation to be the largest mushroom farm in the city. Since then I sold my operation and moved to Wicita KX where im constructing a 2400 sq ft facility. I'm married happily for 9 years to my lovely wife Joana who handles the bag sales and have my son Eric Jr who loves to help out in the lab! We also have my baby daughter Brooke who was just born early 2019. I've been growing commercially for 5 years and plan to expand my knowledge and equipment as i get closer to military retirement and grow mushrooms full time. 

Mushroom Cultivation Classes


I offer a 2 day hands on mushroom cultivation classes for those wanting some hands on with how to cultivate mushrooms at home or on a small commercial scale. My focus is on teaching the importance of proper design, layout, and equipment to get the job done in the least amount of time and space. Classes are small and fill up quick at only 4 students so register now! Register for classes below! >>>>> UPDATE!! Classes are on hold until i return from deployment in spring of 2020. I will open registration again late March for classes starting in June-July 

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Kit.com/MyersMushrooms Is the one stop shop for a mushroom farmer. Get all your cultivation supplies!  As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases through my kit website links. 

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Get access to patron only content and info, receive one on one mentoring. 

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Check out what ive done and catch up on what im upto with my latest mushroom growing adventure! 

Custom Mushroom Sterilizers


Designed by yours truly these mushroom sterilizers are the best value on the market for atmospheric sterilization. 

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