Meet the Expert in Cultivating Mushrooms Commercially

Myers Mushrooms is led by Eric Myers. He is a 14-year Air Force Mechanic Veteran who loves mushroom cultivation. In 2015, he started growing mushrooms in El Paso, Texas. Since then, he had been hoping to expand his knowledge in this industry and share it with the whole community.

Business Expansion

Eric worked hard to grow his operation to be the largest mushroom farm in the city. Soon enough, he sold his El Paso farm to move to Haysville, a suburb of Wichita, Kansas. This is also where he built a 2,800 sq. ft. facility to continue his legacy.

Personal Life

Eric is inspired by his family. His loving wife, Joana, handles the online sales of his items. They also have two children, Eric Jr., who loves to help him out in his laboratory, and a beautiful baby daughter named Brooke.


Helping You Nurture Your Mushroom Farm

Trust Myers Mushroom to provide you with products and knowledge helpful in ensuring the success of your cultivation project. The company is led by Eric Myers, a 14‑year air force mechanic veteran that has been producing gourmet mushrooms since 2015.

About the Owner

Eric Myers began cultivating in El Paso, Texas. He was stationed at Fort Bliss when he started growing his operation to be the largest mushroom farm in the city. Eventually, he sold this to move forward and expand his business. Together with his family, he moved to a place near Wichita, Kansas. This has also allowed him to have access to Haysville, the location where he constructed his 2,800 sq. ft mushroom cultivation facility.

Eric Myers beside a shelf with cultivated mushrooms 2

Training and Expertise

Eric spent 14 years as an air force vehicle mechanic. He is formally trained in the following:

  • Fabrication
  • Welding
  • Construction
  • Electrical
  • HVAC
  • Workspace Efficiency

Aside from that, he is also knowledgeable in topics such as:

  • Workflow Efficiency
  • Floor Plan / Layout Review
  • Electrical Requirements
  • HVAC Requirements and Design
  • Equipment Design
  • Humidification System Sizing and Design
  • Equipment Automation
  • Autoclave Installation and Operation
  • Boiler Installation and Operation
mushroom processing equipment
closeup of quality mushrooms

Personal Life

Together with his family, Eric remains inspired to continue doing his work. His wife, Joana, is there to take care of their online product sales. While his son, Eric Jr., loves to help him out in his lab. He also has his baby daughter, Brooke, to keep him motivated.

Get in Touch

For additional information on how Eric can attend to your needs, please reach out to him today. He looks forward to hearing from you soon!