HART Ultimix Nozzle Misting Kit, 1-5 Micron, .25-3.5 GPH


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These state of the art atomizers utilize regulated tap water pressure and regulated air pressure from a shop air compressor to create a fine 1-5 micron mist. The mist size and angle will vary on your air and water pressure applied. Using an RV regulator off a faucet and push to connect hoses makes installing these a breeze. The flow on the nozzles is adjustable from .25-3.5 GPH and mist particle size of 1 to 5 microns. They are available in 2 options, the Ultimix Nozzle Model ST52 is designed for fogging into a duct with a narrow spray pattern. The model 052H is designed for fogging into an open room with a wider spray pattern. To complete installation you will need hoses, solenoid valves, and a humidity or timer controller. Check out this kit we put together to complete the installation. https://kit.co/MyersMushrooms/hart-ultimix-misting-nozzle-kit

The heart of any system, regardless of application, is based on the capabilities of the Ultimix™ nozzle. It is a self-cleaning air or gas driven acoustic oscillator for atomizing any liquid by passing it through a field of high-frequency sound waves. Compressed air is accelerated through a converging section and then allowed to expand through a diverging section into a resonator cavity where it is then reflected to complement and amplify the primary shock wave. Any liquid capable of being delivered to the shock wave is shattered into very fine droplets. FREE Shipping in the USA.

Each nozzle will require one adapter block.


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